Collection: Rent RTTS

Rent RTTS for your next event, shoot or just to own a piece for the month.

See more details on how it works below!

How it works:

1. Select your loan length: 4 days, 8 days, 14 days or 30 days

2. Put your desired loan dates in "notes" section of your order

3. We will book in the loan and ship out the skirt to you express in time for your loan.

4. Wear the piece to death for the duration you specified

5. Return at the end of your rental term and leave the cleaning to us! Damage protection included.

6. If you do happen to miss your return date and send your order back late, then a late fee of $30/day, per item, applies.

How do I return?

Easy! When it’s time to send your rental back, please follow the instructions in the package or as below. 

  • Put the item in the original box. No need to clean it, we take care of that for you. In fact, we insist (you may actually do more damage by cleaning than good).
  • Re-use the mailing bag to put the box inside. The bag has a double adhesive strip so you can easily re-use it. 
  • Place the prepaid return label on the outside of the mailing bag. We have printed out the prepaid label so it’s one less thing for you to do
  • Drop it off at your nearest Aus Post If you can’t locate one easily, Aus post has a tool that can help

When do I need to return my items?

Please drop the item(s) off at AUS POST near you before 5pm on the day your booking ends. i.e the booking period of 1st - 4th of Sep, the item will need to be dropped off by 5pm on 4th Sep. Late fee of $30 per day may occur. Please keep the receipt with tracking no, in case we need help finding the item(s). 

You are also welcome to return the pieces to the RTTS store during open hours on the last day of your rental. Please note, if you drop it to the shop after your rental period has ended the late fee will still apply.

@candybrat_ Style a @RAMP TRAMP TRAMP STAMP special occasion slip skirt with me 🤩 I was so sad when this piece was out of stock but so happy when I realised I can rent this and more RTTS archival pieces at RTTS land ✨🧸🩰 #ramptramptrampstamp #australiandesigner #dreamoutfit #patternedtights ♬ original sound - Candy Brat